Redline Simulators

Get ready to put your pedal to the metal on one of 8 world tour tracks! Fly from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds flat and brace yourself for the virtual ride of your life in our Redline Simulators.

How much:
Redline Simulators are only $15 per session and can be booked in park. Please read conditions below before deciding to book this experience.

What you get:
Feel the roar of the engine whilst racing 5 other drivers. Sessions go for up to 15 minutes of hard fought racing. All drivers are required to participate in a training exercise before driving, and need to arrive at Redline two races prior to your scheduled time.


Our new top of the line Vesaros simulators are using the latest D-Box technology for the motion control. Fitted with a sequential gearbox, you can choose between manual or Auto Modes. Supported with the latest rFactor 2 software, experience a dynamic racing environment that puts you the driver into a racing simulator, instead of just a physics simulator. Changing tyres, track surfaces, grip, weather and lighting make the Redline Simulators a true challenge to any sim racer.

Experience Conditions: All Drivers need to register at the RedLine Pitt 20 minutes prior to their race time. Booking does not include Dreamworld entry. Drivers and passengers must have a valid Dreamworld ticket to gain admission. Later sessions are available in-park. We recommend booking in as early as possible so as to not miss out. Subject to availability. Booking is only valid for the nominated session and cannot be changed to an alternate session. Cancellation fee is 100%. Drivers must be at least 150cm to drive. Passengers must be at least 4years old and weigh 18kgs. Purchase of a RedLine Ticket is conditional on the acceptance of the inherent risks detailed on the Warning and Safety Notice. Participants subject to the conditions of entry published at

V8 Redline supported by MPMS and RFACTOR2


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Weekends: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM