Ride Express

Queue less, ride more!

Cut the queues with Ride Express and make the most of your Dreamworld experience! With Gold, Silver and Bronze upgrades, you can choose the benefits that suit you best. All you have to do is select your ride, then enter the exclusive Ride Express line at your allocated time and show your unique QR code.


1. Pick Ride Express Tier
2. Open Confirmation Email
3. Click the link and register
4. Book your rides!
Participating Rides
Ride Bronze
$49 per person
$69 per person
$99 per person
Tail Spin
The Claw
Mick Doohan's MotoCoaster
Hot Wheels Sidewinder
Escape from Madagascar
The Giant Drop

One Ride Only
  1. How does Ride Express work?
  2. Ride Express virtually waits in line for you so you can continue to play until it is time to ride, rather than physically wait in the queue.

  3. What do I need to use Ride Express?
  4. A smart phone with data access and access to an email account for your confirmation letter. Please note, up to six people can use one smart phone.

  5. Can I add extra guests to my booking?
  6. Yes, just head to Ride Express Hub for assistance.  You can have up to six people on one booking.

  7. Can I book multiple rides at once?
  8. No, you only book one ride at a time. Once you have completed the ride, you can then book another ride.

  9. Do I need to use my mobile data?
  10. No. We currently have free WIFI in park you can use.

  11. What if my mobile phone battery runs out of charge?
  12. You can re-charge your mobile phone for free at the Ride Express Hub (while you wait), or there is a phone charging station located near the lockers at Dreamworld entry (fee applies). Alternatively, you can purchase a power pack from DreamPix. If you prefer to transfer to another guests’ phone, please visit the Ride Express Hub for assistance.

  13. Can I cancel a ride booking?
  14. Yes, you can cancel a ride booking at any time from your device.


• Pricing is on a per person basis

• Valid for use on selected Dreamworld rides only

• Height and safety restrictions apply on all rides

• Ride Express does not guarantee preference of seat

• Ride Express users must arrive on or after your ride time allocation. Please do not arrive early.

• Ride Express GOLD gets you on your selected ride up to 90% faster than current queue line wait times.( including one ride on Sky voyager and one ride on Giant Drop.)

• Ride Express SILVER gets you on your selected ride up to 50% faster than current queue line wait times.

• Ride Express BRONZE virtually places you in the queue while you continue to explore the park.

• Ride Express is only valid during normal operating hours.

• Your Ride Express booking is dedicated specifically to you. Please do not share screen shots of your reservation with others, as this may result in cancellation of your account.

    • GOLD
    • $99 per person

      • SPEED: Up to 90% Faster
      • Simply head straight to selected ride.
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    • SILVER
    • $69 per person

      • SPEED: Up to 50% Faster
      • Virtually places you halfway in the current queue wait time.
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    • BRONZE
    • $49 per person

      • Equal to current wait time
      • Virtually places you in the queue while you continue to explore the park.
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